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Does An Unhealthy Diet Make You A Bad Person?

Your body is a vehicle for movement and the food that you eat is the gas that powers it. A healthy lifestyle begins and ends with your diet. When I use the term diet I do not refer to a detox, weight loss lemon juice and pepper diet, or any other fad to attract your interest for a short term goal. I use the term diet as an all encompassing balance of foods to allow your body to perform as optimally as possible for life. You are what you eat, so if all you eat are Twinkies, you are a literal 'Twinkie'. Not only will a 'Twinkie' physically and mentally perform like a Twinkie, they subject themselves to higher risks of mortality through adoption of various diseases ( i.e diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and more).

To be frank, if you eat like shit your not being a responsible steward of your health. As a result, although some may argue, you are burdening or will burden the people around you eventually. Family and friends look out for each other, but who's time are you using when you require someone's help for something that was entirely preventable. Whether it's doctors appointments, you hurting yourself and needing someone to nurse you back to health, longer recovery time from illnesses, or any other ripple effect from not managing your fitness, more specifically your diet; who's responsibility is it to ensure that you are giving back to your people more than your taking for yourself. If being around for you children, grandchildren, friends, community, and/or yourself is something that you value, you can change your habits with a choice right now!

The internet is a tool that gives everyone access to free information. To remain ignorant to your diet and it's effects is irresponsible. Take time today to organize your food resources so that you may begin building the base for a healthy balance diet. Continue to research healthy food options, reach out to a personal trainer or nutritionist if possible, and prepare your meals when possible to put yourself in the best position to be successful.

2022 American Obesity Rates:

  • Nationally, 41.9 percent of adults have obesity.

  • Black adults had the highest level of adult obesity at 49.9 percent.

  • Hispanic adults had an obesity rate of 45.6 percent.

  • White adults had an obesity rate of 41.4 percent.

  • Asian adults had an obesity rate of 16.1 percent.

  • Rural parts of the country had higher rates of obesity than did urban and suburban areas.

You owe it to yourself to be the best version of You, focus up!


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