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2020 Vision

Hello Everybody,

As we approach midnight and the start of a new year, I am exited about what the future holds for both Capital Gainz Enterprise, my clients, and our community. This past decade has been a time of growth and of many lessons. Through experience, I have had the opportunity to better refine my personal training techniques while fostering relationships with many people in the Osceola County area. The route that I have chosen has made me very patient: I have developed an appreciation for the value of hard work, dedication, and focus, more so through my failures than my triumphs.

Moving forward towards this next next year and decade, I have deepened my commitment to this CGE lifestyle and seek to deliver more value to the community that I serve. I will aspire to be more present in the social media space. I feel this is going to be the most effective tool spread the over 7 years experience and knowledge that I have gained as a trainer. I will also seek to be a better promoter of the content that I produce.

So, on my website I will be posting a personal blog, videos for both exercise and music production, providing virtual fitness consultations, servicing my members and clients needs, and much more. 2020 will be the year that I develop a home for a strong CGE community that values fitness, efficiency, and growth.

If you are interested at being part of this community, you may join for free by visiting the official CGE ( and selecting the sign up tab at the top of the page. This will give you access to blog posts, discussion forums, fitness and music videos, as well as access to other members.

Have a Happy New Year,


p.s. This year Im cooking up something special!!!

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