'Hop up on the Train'

Trainerman, CEO and Founder of Capital Gainz Enterprise (CGE), has pursued his passion for fitness and music by creating a unique sound and style that reflects his lifestyle. As a self-taught, independent artist, Trainerman takes pride in crafting custom instrumentals and pairing them with stories of his life. As each project is released, listeners may witness the progression of his beat making skills, and also get a glimpse into the life of a fitness enthusiast.


Trainerman, born and raised in Kissimmee, Florida took to fitness at a young age. As an overweight adolescent he has always been eager to compete. 'Trainer' played multiple sports including football which is where he first started lifting weights. While in college he decided to pursue a career as a fitness instructor and trainer while at the same time he started experiment in music making. 

12 projects later he continues to experiment and refine his sound, all of which has culminated into his newest project, 'Workflow 3' . Love or hate him, Trainerman seeks to dismantle his competition while promoting a lifestyle of fitness and efficiency. Check out his newest work below:


About Trainerman


Years active:

2012- present


ACSM Certified PT

ACSM Certified GFI



Rap/ Hip- hop/ Producer


Kissimmee, Florida




Capital Gainz Enterprise LLC

Latest Project:



Workflow 3 (2020),Workflow 2 (2020), Workflow 1 (2020),Beat Tape Vol. 1 (2020), A local Motive (2020), Leverage (2019), Mindset (2018), On The Whey (2017), Nu Whey (2017), Bootcamp Music Vol. 1 (2016), Tr@ps Life (2015), Then I Meditate (2015), First I Get The Gainz (2014)

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Throw-down Thursdays

Every Thursday we will drop a new song that is exclusively available on this page. The songs that are posted are all original singles and are previously unreleased. They will only be available for early access for 1 week before they are replaced by the next, new track. After they are taken down from the sight they will be re-released either as a single or part of a larger project.

You can support Trainerman by either purchasing the available track and/or sharing his music via the link on your social media websites. Also don't forget to follow Trainerman on Spotify and Apple music as well, have an awesome day!


Capital Gainz Enterprise


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