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Capital Gainz Enterprise

Welcome to the official website of Capital Gainz Enterprise (CGE). Here at CGE we follow the mantra that fitness is a lifestyle. We provide the necessary resources and training so that our members are able to the develop a healthy, efficient, and fulfilling life on this planet;  through and beyond fitness.

About Us:

CGE was established in 2015 by ACSM certified Personal Trainer Michael Fulmore (a.k.a. Trainerman). Our intent has been to promote the ideals of living a lifestyle that would help you reach your potential, both physically, and mentally. Through scientifically proven methods we will teach you how to efficiently achieve the type of body that you can be proud of. There is no set way that you should need to live your life as everyone has their own individual goals: with our aid you will achieve your goals through exercise, nutrition, and various recovery methods. We can help make you independently motivated by providing all of the resources that you might need to succeed!


Founder and CEO of CGE Trainerman

Who We Help:

If you are at a point in your life where you are not satisfied with how you feel in your body, we can help. We can help anybody seeking to improve their health and productivity. Many people have become more health conscious and the pandemic has only exacerbated this trend. We teach importance of maintaining or improving on your standard of health and wellness by developing a lifestyle that fits your desired goals. CGE can help! We will hold you accountable to the goals that you set and push you to create far greater goals once they are achieved.

Our Services

  • Personal Training ( Virtual/ On-site)

  • Online Wellness Coaching

  • Access to CGE Community and Resources

  • Access to a growing catalog of over 300 exercise videos

  • Access to Trainerman's personal workout blogs

  • And More...

We believe there is a delicate work and life balance that can be optimized by focusing on efficiency.  At CGE we look to understand what your lifestyle goals are, develop a well rounded plan to achieve these goals, and ensure that you are able to maintain your progress independently.

Start Today

Instead of feeling bad about your past and where you have failed in fitness, we can help you focus on your present; lets build your body and mind for a future that you can be proud of! If you are seeking to start or even enhance your fitness journey, you can do yourself the favor of signing up for a free, virtual fitness consultation with Trainerman. With over 10 years experience in fitness, at minimum you will get an honest perspective from somebody that has dedicated their life to health and wellness. You can choose to be part a community of people that lead through their actions and aspire for greatness.

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