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Start a New Fitness Lifestyle Challenge

  • 30Days
  • 97Steps


This challenge has been developed with the intention of leading a participant into 30 days of targeted habit building. The goal for this challenge to help an individual transition from an inactive or under-active lifestyle into a sustainable and healthy fitness lifestyle. There will be an emphasis on progressive overload through intermittent increases in exercise intensity while highlighting the supporting aspects of a healthy lifestyle (such as developing beneficial diet habits ). Along the way you will have direct support from an ACSM certified personal trainer. Watch as you develop discipline and tolerance for exercise throughout you fitness journey. With these newfound habits you can choose to springboard you into even bigger goals, fitness and non-fitness related, in your life which have the potential to spark a more healthy, productive, and happier version of you! *** As a note, if time restrictions are an issue, you can also break up your routines through the day to better fit your schedule. You will need to allocate approximately 40-90 minutes a day to this challenge to successfully complete its demands. At any point during the challenge feel free to reach out to Trainerman for tips, support, or even encouragement as you navigate your day to day tasks. Once completed, please share feedback on your challenge as it will only help for GCE to deliver a better quality experience in the future. Thank You!

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